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Women Leaderships
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Soodabeh Mokry, RN, CHt,

Author, speaker, transformational coach, and spiritual healer

Soodabeh Mokry, the author of Angel Nightingale, is a powerful, dynamic, and passionate speaker. She inspires the audience to a new level of understanding of the resilience of the human spirit.

Soodabeh is the epitome of a modern American dream. She moved to America from Iran to create a better life for her family 25 years ago. Her dream and fairytale of a happy life in America was replaced by an ongoing nightmare when her marriage of 10 years ended shortly after she arrived. She was left alone with two young children, no money, no family or friends, and she couldn’t even speak English.

In her speeches, Soodabeh shares her incredible story of faith, courage, perseverance, and overcoming adversity. Soodabeh empowers people to be authentic, to believe in themselves, and their dreams. She provides the tools they need to take action steps to create the life they want and truly deserve.

Her message: you are not bound by any challenges or circumstances. You are a powerful being capable of manifesting and creating the life you want. You own the power to create your destiny!



I speak on a variety of topics including motivation, inspiration, entrepreneurship, and leadership:


3 Proven Steps for Creating a Successful & Prosperous Life


We all have dreams and desires to create a better life, to make a difference in the world. We are born with the power, the passion, and determination to do more each day; to experience a harmonious and fulfilled life. We are unique individuals born with special talents, gifts, and skills.


Sometimes the challenges we experience in life, prevents us from reaching our full potential. Limited thoughts and beliefs we learn from our parents, community, and the cultural barriers become determining factors of what we should do or who we should be.


Fear of rejection, thoughts of not being good enough, not smart enough, and most importantly – not being worthy of having the best things in life – makes us give up and settle for less.


In this powerful and dynamic speech, Soodabeh inspires the audience to a new level of understanding the resilience of the human spirit. Through sharing her personal story of struggles and challenges of overcoming adversity, she inspires people to move beyond their own limitations in order to live more fully and create the life they deserve.


Soodabeh empowers the audience to be authentic; to believe in themselves and their dreams. She provides step by step tools they need to transform their life, achieve their goals, and lead a successful and prosperous life.


Attendees will leave with:

  • A renewed sense of courage, determination, and hope
  • Increased confidence to lead an authentic life style
  • Step by step strategies to maximize their potential and to transform their lives.



Discover the art of intuitive living and learn how to follow Your Inner Guidance to Achieve Success


Intuition is a natural, normal, and essential part of us. It’s our inner guidance system, our instincts, and an indicator of what is true beyond what our mind understands. Learning to honor our intuition is a journey into the core of our being, about self-awareness, and honoring who we are. When we learn how our intuition communicates with us, life becomes magical, full of joy, wonder, positive delights and surprises. Personal and professional success are the result of following our internal GPS.

In this speech, Soodabeh focuses on the importance of discovering and following our own intuition. She provides the audience effective techniques to use their intuition to transform their life, learn to live to their potential, and experience true success.

The audience will learn the following:

  • What intuition is and how it affects us
  • The way our intuition communicates with us
  • How to discover answers and insights to help us navigate through life.
  • How to follow inner guidance to create a harmonious and successful life


Stress Management: The Keys to a Harmonious and Successful Life

Stress and burn out are the main causes of health issues, accidents, occupational hazards, and decrease productivity in life and the work force.

Depression, relationship issues, and violence are the direct result of the stress.

Stress alters our perceptions and viewpoints. When we are stressed, we are not able to see the opportunities life offers us. We can’t even respond clearly to simple tasks before us. Life itself and even the idea of simple goals become overwhelming.

The audience will gain insights and step by step techniques to:

  • Manage their stress
  • Increase energy, focus, and mental clarity
  • Create a life filled with happiness, joy, and inner peace
  • Contribute to a safe work environment
  • Increase productivity and creativity flow